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Dear Martin,


I feel I must write to you to let you know how I'm progressing after my recent visit to you.


As you recall, my problems began almost two years ago. At 68 years of age, I became very anxious about everything. When I went to bed my thoughts kept going round and round like a washing machine and I just
couldn't sleep, so much so that I hated going to bed, and spent the days pottering around like a zombie.


I was prescribed sleeping tablets for a short period, which worked fine, but I soon became dependent on them, and when it came to giving them up, I was unable to do so. I tried several times without success, in fact this made me worse if anything.


My daughter mentioned hypnosis as something worth trying, but I had my doubts, as the only thing I'd heard about it was leprechauns running around the stage and such. but I decided to give it a go, as I was desperate at this stage. And I'm very glad I did!


From the first week on I've been much more relaxed, and going to bed is again no longer an ordeal - in fact I look forward to it. I've been listening to your mp3 and repeating my 'mantra' nightly. Since then, my sleeping has improved dramatically, and now, three weeks on, I'm again sleeping 6 to 7 hours every night. Even if I do wake, it's no big deal, and I soon fall back to sleep again.


I feel I'm now my old self again, happy, clear-headed, calm and content. I can't thank you enough.


Yours sincerely,


Hi Martin.

I've used your Mind & Body Relaxation recording for several weeks now, usually about twice a week. gradually it's having a positive effect on my ability to relax and get a very good nights sleep. Lately I find myself falling asleep before the recording ends. It hasn't achieved the level of deep relaxation I experienced about 15 years ago when you hypnotized me to help to quit smoking but it's really a great help to get me in the right frame of mind to get a good night's sleep.


By the way I haven't smoked a cigarette since and never will.




I was with you a few years ago and benefited greatly.  I recently re-downloaded the Profound Mind Body Relaxation self-hypnosis recording as I had lost the original copy which I had on my ipod.  I find it very helpful to relax me for sleep after a particularly stressful day when my mind is racing.

Thanks again for making this available.


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Hi Martin , Thank you so much for the download, I am using it daily now since I spoke to you and feel so much better. Regards William

Thanks Martin, Very helpful advice. Had a great nights sleep too thanks to your download. Regards & thanks again, Laura

Hi Martin

I am listening to your recording every day for the past 4 weeks with great benefit to me, I am looking forward to getting on with my life.

Regards William S

I just love this Martin - thank you!

Regards, Marie